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Selecting Tile: The Unplugged Version

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2012 at 9:15 PM

SOoooooo…… not to completely digress, (though that is EXACTLY what I am doing…) Tile has quickly become an obsession to me. I do believe that one of the very first topics of disagreement I had with the builder was over tile and their indifference as to what we would use. I have spent a great deal of time and purchased a substantial number of samples which I cart around in my car so as to always have them available when making other design decisions.
Tile is captivating! It’s depth and texture literally make me giddy. I came across this post from modwalls and could contain my fervor no longer on this miraculous material. Taking a look at their options…almost… make me want to rethink my choices! Check em and allow tile to change your life as well…just come on over into the light…… 🙂

Modwalls |Fresh Tile in Colors You Crave

We have a new expert in the house at modwalls!

A few months back we welcomed Interior Designer Katelyn Bowman as our Trade Sales + Interior Design Specialist here at modwalls and she has been an amazing addition to our team. She’s got impeccable style , great design tips and an abundance of information about tile and the wide world of design.

We asked Katelyn to give us her thoughts on choosing tile and the tile selection process and below is the result… Enjoy!


So you finally decided that you’re ready to start browsing for tile options.  Great!  We’ve got some helpful designer tips on how to do just that…a.k.a. where to start.  PS, try not to rush the selection process if you can help it.

Tools of the Trade –> As an interior designer, I don’t often dissect my design thought process to others because it’s not the…

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