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In Design Options, Living Room, real estate on April 18, 2012 at 1:14 PM

This picture makes me tilt my head like a little puppy.  On the one hand I really cannot see myself living here. But on the other hand, if I look at the individual elements, I find that I really like most if not all of the pieces in the space.

I stopped at the picture initially because I am searching for a signature piece for the space.  We are blowing out all the walls on the first floor  so I am losing a great deal of wall space for hanging things.  I love art and really want a piece somewhere on that floor.  I think the wall hanging here is very cool!

Perhaps it’s just the coloring of the space that I’m not a fan of. The side chairs are great. And I do like the mix of textures, though the hubs can only venture so far mixing and matching in a room (though he can work wonders with ties and shirts…)

Ultimately, I think we are going for something a little less fussy and a little more streamline. Decor is tough with so many options to sway your attention.  Lots of stuff looks great…for a minute.  I guess I have to give lots of stuff their 15 minutes before we actually finalize and install.

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.


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