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Leveraging our Costs

In Materials, Spaces on April 22, 2012 at 5:11 PM

We expected to have the report  from our friendly HUD consultant last Friday, but instead were informed that he need a bit longer to complete so it would be close of business Monday before he could deliver it to us.  Not a huge deal, though it does hold off the appraiser being scheduled for a few days.

So since we were not scouring over a report this weekend, we decided on a whim to head on over to one of those shopping clubs and head their spiel. We had been to a home show about a month ago and signed up for a visit.

Now we are soooooooo not the time-share-free-cruise-trip-to-Orlando type of people but often go to these types of things to see what’s out there. I play “bad cop”  and ask questions to make life difficult and the hubs plays “good cop” sharing lovely anecdotes.

I guess the looks on the faces of myself and the “bad cop” from the other couple touring with us encouraged our consultant to really spare us the “rah-rah” version of the tour and he got right down to the nuts and bolts of what club is and isn’t and bottom line what it would cost us.  We took a tour of the facility and got to see first hand the manner in which it operates ( the Debbie Downer in me noted that I thought they were actors…) (I’m a great “bad cop”).

It was informative to see and understand the process.  We have already negotiated with our builder to provide many of the materials, finishes and appliances for our renovation just based on a cursory comparison of what they were going to charge us and our finding the exact models of items we wanted much cheaper.

Ultimately, we bit the bullet!  ( I know, I wasn’t expecting to do so at all) but once we saw the custom services that were available in addition to just retail type items it began to make sense for us very quickly. We did a very quick tally of the number of items we saw ourselves buying literally within the next 90 days and were pretty surprised. We went a little further and gave some serious thought to furnishing this new abode. It was pretty much a foregone thought that we would put off a lot of the decor changes until some time after the renovation was completed, perhaps Hollywood Regency is a much closer reality than a dream.

I will definitely keep you updated with our experience, but honestly we are pretty excited to get going with them.



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