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In Design Options, Materials, real estate on April 27, 2012 at 10:27 AM

So at this part of the process, I am in a hurry up and wait mode. I can’t really do too much or buy too much just yet and I know its the calm before the storm. All my hectic pre-planning is also in a holding pattern.

The storage facility is ready to go. I have identified all the items I want to sell to the antique shop. I have given away everything that going to Purple Heart. I don’t want to begin any DIY projects because as soon as they start tearing down walls, there won’t be any place to either work or store work I have started. Boooooooo!

Sooooooo… I ramble through my beloved blogs making a billion bookmarks and Pinning like a madwoman. I came across this today and thought, “Now this is genius!”

Rugs are something I know I will need with all the refinished hardwoods in the house both because I never wear shoes inside and I’d like to see the pop of color in the rooms. I have never really seen a rug that I both love and can honestly afford! I like things that are substantial in size and scale and quality hence are normally ungodly expensive.

This wonderful article in Domino is all about stitching together smaller rugs to create one large unique rug.

Now I am not normally the Bohemian type, but the right casual pieces stitched together might be just the thing I need to take the edge off of the formality I usually find in the looks I adore. This excites me, I can also imagine being able to acquire something I really like for a few hundred rather than a few thousand dollars and not go stir crazy. Yay!

Little Green Notebook: The Ties That Bind.


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