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One Shot: Hannah Blackmore

In Design Options, Living Room, real estate, Spaces on May 2, 2012 at 11:42 AM

If you don’t already know I have taken to Pinterest with a vengeance. There’s something about seeing an image that kind of takes your breath away and being able to make a statement about it.

So welcome to what I am now calling One Shot.  One image, that for whatever reason makes me stop in my tracks and muse over it.

The above image courtesy of  Desire to Inspire has done just that.  I so absolutely love the floor in this room its ridiculous.  This flooring is very similar to what we have chosen for our kitchen so I am über excited. I have a thing for rectangles and offset tiling so the tile on the rear wall makes me smile.  The colors are calming ( to me) and the whole feel is still chic.  I could see myself wearing “casual slacks” and sipping coffee in this space.

What do you think?

desire to inspire – – Hannah Blackmore.


Bottoms Up

In Basement, Materials, real estate, Spaces on May 2, 2012 at 11:00 AM

The basement is coming along. Albeit a little backwards… See we had a not so great contractor previously to finish our basement. He put in new light fixtures and dry walled the space and put in new windows.

Well I won’t go into a long dissertation on my disdain for this particular person and I will just note that we have moved on.  My wonderful hubs has removed the 60-year-old tile floor and it is ready to be leveled.

The wood flooring arrived on Monday and is tempering as we speak.  I find it interesting that even as warm as it is the flooring has to sit and see how it likes living in our house before we can install and move it in.  I’m just glad it’s here.  We really found a steal. Lumber Liquidators had their annual clearance sale and we nabbed the flooring for a mere .39 cents per sq. foot and free shipping to the store which is 10 minutes from our front door. Whoo Hoo!

We thought it was worth it to go ahead and buy it.  As soon as the main renovation begins and the support column is installed in the bathroom we can get the floor install scheduled.  I just want to make sure the framing and tiling of the laundry room isn’t going to have them damaging the floor.  It would be nice to have some concurrent work going on up in here.

Ring My Bell!

In Financing, real estate on May 2, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Steadily we are moving along without too many hiccups or hold ups. It’s still murder on my nerves. Yesterday was our appraisal. The timing was awful as I had a meeting on the coast and had an hour and a half drive in order to get there.  Of course the only time the appraiser had to come by was an hour and a half before my meeting.  SO I bit the bullet, let my client know that I might be a wee be late and prayed to the traffic gods that my route would be clear.

I waited for the appraiser to come and time was a ticking… I see nothing just as I am calling the hubs to see if maybe I had missed a reschedule I look out of the window and lo and behold there is the appraiser walking around taking notes.  I run out and introduce myself and she says, “I knocked you didn’t answer so you’re about to get a phone call from my office.”  And sure enough all the phones start ringing.  Her office calls my husband, my husband is calling me and the appraiser is belting out questions. ( Calgon, take me away…)

Next the appraiser asks for the drawings.

Sidebar:  When scheduling the appointment I specifically asked if they had copies of the drawings or if they needed them, they indicated that already had them.  Cool.

I explain that i was told she already had them, she didn’t.  I REALLY didn’t want to hand over the only copy I currently had in my possession so here we go again. My husband said her office told him they put a copy of the drawings in her packet, she says she doesn’t have them, her office calls her and reiterates all of this…..etc. etc. etc… Until finally I said I really don’t care who says they gave you what… What do you need and may I call the architect and have him email you a copy right now?  Please provide the email address you would like them to go to and I will get them to you immediately.

She agrees but only after making sure I knew that it wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t drop the ball. (Is your head hurting yet?  Mine was…)

I guess the remainder of the appraisal went well enough, I am just so upset that it was so chaotic and I really hope that it doesn’t impact the number we get back.

Que sera sera right?