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In Basement, Materials, real estate, Spaces on May 2, 2012 at 11:00 AM

The basement is coming along. Albeit a little backwards… See we had a not so great contractor previously to finish our basement. He put in new light fixtures and dry walled the space and put in new windows.

Well I won’t go into a long dissertation on my disdain for this particular person and I will just note that we have moved on.  My wonderful hubs has removed the 60-year-old tile floor and it is ready to be leveled.

The wood flooring arrived on Monday and is tempering as we speak.  I find it interesting that even as warm as it is the flooring has to sit and see how it likes living in our house before we can install and move it in.  I’m just glad it’s here.  We really found a steal. Lumber Liquidators had their annual clearance sale and we nabbed the flooring for a mere .39 cents per sq. foot and free shipping to the store which is 10 minutes from our front door. Whoo Hoo!

We thought it was worth it to go ahead and buy it.  As soon as the main renovation begins and the support column is installed in the bathroom we can get the floor install scheduled.  I just want to make sure the framing and tiling of the laundry room isn’t going to have them damaging the floor.  It would be nice to have some concurrent work going on up in here.


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