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In Financing, real estate on May 2, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Steadily we are moving along without too many hiccups or hold ups. It’s still murder on my nerves. Yesterday was our appraisal. The timing was awful as I had a meeting on the coast and had an hour and a half drive in order to get there.  Of course the only time the appraiser had to come by was an hour and a half before my meeting.  SO I bit the bullet, let my client know that I might be a wee be late and prayed to the traffic gods that my route would be clear.

I waited for the appraiser to come and time was a ticking… I see nothing just as I am calling the hubs to see if maybe I had missed a reschedule I look out of the window and lo and behold there is the appraiser walking around taking notes.  I run out and introduce myself and she says, “I knocked you didn’t answer so you’re about to get a phone call from my office.”  And sure enough all the phones start ringing.  Her office calls my husband, my husband is calling me and the appraiser is belting out questions. ( Calgon, take me away…)

Next the appraiser asks for the drawings.

Sidebar:  When scheduling the appointment I specifically asked if they had copies of the drawings or if they needed them, they indicated that already had them.  Cool.

I explain that i was told she already had them, she didn’t.  I REALLY didn’t want to hand over the only copy I currently had in my possession so here we go again. My husband said her office told him they put a copy of the drawings in her packet, she says she doesn’t have them, her office calls her and reiterates all of this…..etc. etc. etc… Until finally I said I really don’t care who says they gave you what… What do you need and may I call the architect and have him email you a copy right now?  Please provide the email address you would like them to go to and I will get them to you immediately.

She agrees but only after making sure I knew that it wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t drop the ball. (Is your head hurting yet?  Mine was…)

I guess the remainder of the appraisal went well enough, I am just so upset that it was so chaotic and I really hope that it doesn’t impact the number we get back.

Que sera sera right?


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