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Purple Piece de Resistance…

In Design Options, real estate, Spaces on April 19, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Vector version of Image:Color icon purple.png

Vector version of Image:Color icon purple.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So hold on to your seats.  Here is a little something that makes me scratch my head.  It’s Purple.  A favorite color of many but there is just something about it… I mean a little purple here or there is cool, but it is SOOOOOOO easy to go too far.

I would like to incorporate this color in one of our spaces but before I can competently broach the subject to the hubs I needed to really have some ammunition.  Most of what I found when I did my cursory Google search on “purple furniture” was horrific.  Just because it’s purple doesn’t mean it has to be futuristic and gaudy does it?

There will be a predominant palette of greys in the home upon its completion. Purple is such a great accent color and will just reek of sophistication when splashed around. One piece we have been on the hunt for is a chaise lounge for the master bedroom, how great would it be to laze around sipping coffee and reading the paper on our His and Hers Ipads…


My other problem with purple is matching it.  I’ve never been the matchy-matchy type but even getting two unrelated pieces of furniture(that you have not upholstered yourself) to even be in the same family as it pertains to undertones and the like is a nightmare. I like a grapey purple with plenty of blue in it.  I don think one piece will be enough, but finding that one piece….well, the search is on…

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