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A Step Above

In Design Options, Dining Rooms, Materials, real estate, Spaces on April 22, 2012 at 4:20 PM

I am really the type of person that should not have too much idle time on my hands waiting for responses. I am pretty resolute at making decisions, though I like to banter about a bit and toss around viable ( or not so viable) options.  Luckily, the designer on our project is receptive to this approach and when I come up with a gee whiz idea and shoot it over I usually get a pretty quick response which will then allow my to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to the idea and move on.  When I don’t hear back, it just gives me more time to root around for additional options and ideas.  After all, until I get a response there’s nothing that I am doing that will stall the process…

And hence we arrive here today.  We are currently awaiting costing on some items the HUD consultant has mandated be included into the scope of work.  The amount of this additional work will determine if other things need to come off the current scope of work we have. So we’re waiting…meanwhile I got to thinking that perhaps the foyer concept we are currently implementing may not be the best way go.

This currently our idea.  I don’t like that in our Colonial the front door drops you into the living room so abruptly. We like the idea of something a little more defined.  The more I think about it though we are blowing out all the walls on the first floor and I am a little concerned that it will look like a big open space with a foyer and a kitchen island. So during breakfast this morning, I had an epiphany.  “What if instead of putting in the entry space we raised the dining area, while keeping it open?”

Much to my astonishment, the hubs almost immediately latched onto the idea and really liked (dare I say Loved?) it.  Now it will be open on two side and walled( by the exterior walls) on two side, rather than landlocked like in the pictures above and below.

In essence, I see it being a large platform that the dining room set will be on overlooking the large bay window that is currently in that space. As much as I am all for the open concept, something in me cringes just a little at the loss of a formal dining room ( perhaps it’s the realtor in me).  This option gives me a defined space while keeping the open concept. Yay!

This image (above) gives a better idea of what I am thinking. Simple and clean with just a hint of schmaltz 🙂 A cursory search of course showed some of the bells and whistles I shall add to my request. Love the lights recessed into the platform.

The drawers in this option are interesting, but I don’t know if we’d make adequate use of them. What would I store there? Suggestions?

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Calling Bob The Builder…

In Design Options, real estate on April 16, 2012 at 8:18 PM

What I have found seems to really be the key to this process is taking the time to really think about what you want to have done. Think as well, about how much money you really want to and can comfortably afford for the project.

(Prepare yourself to be wildly disillusioned at what things cost!)

We mulled over a number of ideas on what might be the best renovation option for both our way of living as well as the best use of the available space we currently had to use.

We looked at how we used spaces and in some cases IF we used spaces.  The dining room became a particular point of conversation when we realized that in actuality our formal dining room was a glorified mail slot and its main function was to hold the daily mail. We only used it to eat one or twice EVERY FEW YEARS.  So yes, it was a nice space to have, but it did not give use the best use of space in our home.

We narrowed it down to the following possibilities:

  • Add a two-story addition off the back of the house.
  • Convert the existing attic into a Master suite
  • Wild out on the Basement adding another bathroom and massive family room.

Our next step was to actually have a few discussions with some professionals. We opted to meet with a general contractor, an architect and a design/build firm. This proved very helpful as we talked through our lifestyle and our ideas for a renovation.  We were offered pros and cons on our various options and given a few options we had not considered.

In the end after speaking with representatives from each discipline, we chose to use a design/build firm.  For us it turned, the ability to have all the work under one roof seemed the best option for us. The firm we ultimately chose had a strong  reputation, not only in the building/construction industry but in the lending and finance industry as well. It spoke volumes to us that they were a firm with a proven history  of working with these loans and having them conclude successfully. As the blog progresses, I will release the names of the professionals we considered and those we ultimately used.

In the end, we decided to erect a cantilever second story (only) addition to contain a Master Bedroom/Bathroom Suite and to blow out the first floor into a completely open concept space.

Also on the list of renovations:

  • New Windows
  • New Roof and Gutters
  • New exterior doors
  • New shutters
  • New Screened in side porch
  • New Deck to span the rear of the house under the addition.
  • Renovate our existing laundry room
  • Convert an existing bedroom into a Master Closet
  • Remove impeding trees
  • Enlarge and renovate Kitchen to add new island and floor plan.

Seems like a great list.  But before I get too far ahead of myself… There’s a lot that went into the process and lot of give and take just to get where we are today… And we haven’t even broken ground yet.