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It’s Gotta Go…….

In real estate, Spaces on March 26, 2013 at 10:51 AM

Making room for the new not just in the sense of design but literally in order to allow the renovation to go forward!  When we married we inherited a great of furniture from my husband’s great-aunt and it has served us well for many a year, but now with the new contemporary direction of the renovation we feel the time has come to part with many of these pieces.  After conferring with family, these remaining items are up for grabs.  Ideally, I’d like to have a consignment shop pick up the lot for a flat price and have at it, I’m not looking forward to the process of lots of people poking around and making appointments waiting around for people so anyone shops in the area that have cash and a truck feel free to contact me and make an offer.

6 draw chest of drawers:  49″x 17 x 32

Round side table: 26″ diameter 27″ tall

3 section Marble inset coffee table: 48″ x 14.5″

Matching 2 tier marble inset side table:  25″ x 21″ 24″

Oval dining room table with one leaf and table pad: 69″ (w/leaf) x 40 x 29

Buffet: 56 x 18 x 31″ (5 drawers 2 cabinets)

China closet: 72″ x 48″ x 15″ ( glass front, 3 shelves, 3 drawers 2 cabinets)

Picture Frame: 50″ x 47″ Silver

Child’s Vanity Set: (mirror) 25 x 34 vanity 44 x 30 x 18″

Matching chest: 32 x 18 x 48″

Child’s armchair: Off white vinyl heart-shaped 31 x 26 x 21


Mesh and Meld

In Design Options, Materials on April 23, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Filling out the list of items that have to be “rehabbed” during this renovation are a few pieces of furniture.  Most of our furniture is on its way out.  I have been phenomenal, if I do say so myself, at getting rid of just about everything that isn’t nailed down.  I am left with just a few sentimental pieces.

The frame from an earlier post and the following items of furniture.

This piece I have had for years always with the intention of having it upholstered but never getting around to it.  Not sure if it is classified as an ottoman, footstool or hassock though after reading this post I believe hassock is the appropriate term. It needs a little life breather back into it and hopefully will look like this once completed.

Not sure how light I am going to go or whether I will paint the wood but will definitely add a substantial amount of “fluff”  to the cushion.

There’s also this set of armchairs that actually make me swoon…still. I love these chairs and can’t wait until I can locate the perfect fabric to recover them.

These pieces will ultimately work in concert with one another. I think the hassock will serve in place of a side table in between this set of chairs to save some space. I believe I will recover them in like fabrics so they will really go together similar to this:

The idea of white wood and a solid fabric thought, makes me want to cry…So we’ll have to come up with a better color combination than that…

And lastly, there is the chair that will grace the vanity in our closet.  I don’t think I am going to touch this one as the color is neutral and its in great condition.

Lots to do, I guess the hunt for fabric is next on my list of  “items to obsess about”…

Stool Pigeons…

In Design Options, Kitchens, Materials, real estate, Spaces on April 20, 2012 at 2:47 PM

I have a picture in my mind of the bar stools that I want to use for the island. That of course means that I can’t find that exact bar stool in any retail outlet on the face of the Earth!

The stool that I want is similar to this one:

I love the curve of the seat and I love the metal studs. I don’t really love the legs, though I could be persuaded to live with them.  Perhaps its the perspective of the picture but this looks really short.  Now if there were an option for metal legs, I think we’d have a winner. I need some more contrast in the piece.

After a somewhat exhaustive search, I slowly warmed to possibly considering this stool:

I do like that they are light and sleek and not overpowering to the space. I still need to think about the footrest.  For some reason, in my head, I see them dislodging and having to be repaired repeatedly after a few of our  “social gatherings”

It is available in a number of colors and I could see this white option working with my ideal color palette magnificently.  I just have to wrap my mind around white stools.  I’ve never given that any consideration.

I should really just go ahead and commit because that would give me the leeway to think more seriously about pendent lighting.  The lights above are WONDERFUL (she sang…)

Adjustable Kitchen Barstools Bring Curvy Lines to Modern Spaces.

Purple Piece de Resistance…

In Design Options, real estate, Spaces on April 19, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Vector version of Image:Color icon purple.png

Vector version of Image:Color icon purple.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So hold on to your seats.  Here is a little something that makes me scratch my head.  It’s Purple.  A favorite color of many but there is just something about it… I mean a little purple here or there is cool, but it is SOOOOOOO easy to go too far.

I would like to incorporate this color in one of our spaces but before I can competently broach the subject to the hubs I needed to really have some ammunition.  Most of what I found when I did my cursory Google search on “purple furniture” was horrific.  Just because it’s purple doesn’t mean it has to be futuristic and gaudy does it?

There will be a predominant palette of greys in the home upon its completion. Purple is such a great accent color and will just reek of sophistication when splashed around. One piece we have been on the hunt for is a chaise lounge for the master bedroom, how great would it be to laze around sipping coffee and reading the paper on our His and Hers Ipads…


My other problem with purple is matching it.  I’ve never been the matchy-matchy type but even getting two unrelated pieces of furniture(that you have not upholstered yourself) to even be in the same family as it pertains to undertones and the like is a nightmare. I like a grapey purple with plenty of blue in it.  I don think one piece will be enough, but finding that one piece….well, the search is on…

ThII wolVicky Johnson (divinelogistics) on Pinterest.

Through the Looking Glass

In Design Options, Materials, real estate, Spaces on April 19, 2012 at 12:48 PM

Yes we are back at mirrors… But this time not in the manner of mirrored furniture.  These are actually MIRROR mirrors 🙂

If you can believe it, I really am in a less is more frame of mind.  Yes, my less is very ornate  but I really just want a splash of it here and there.  I don’t want a lot of chotskies all over the place that have to be dusted and risk being broken when we ballroom dance around the living room….

I love the scale of a large piece and they say a mirror has a wonderful way of making a space feel larger.  All of these options are very cool and who would love to catch a glimpse of themselves….or someone else in one of these? Leaning a mirror against a wall makes it more than just a mirror. It’s a work of art and a piece of furniture (at this scale.) Genius!

The bedroom is a logical option for this or perhaps our closet ( I have to get used to the closet being a totally separate entity.) but it might also work on the first floor as well, but could take up a lot of wall space that has all of a sudden become a premium item. hmmmm?

Dream Home.

Mirrored Furniture – It’s ALL The Rage…

In Design Options, real estate on April 18, 2012 at 5:06 PM

So when I posted my thoughts on the mirrored bathroom earlier, it got me thinking again about the idea of mirrored furniture.  I am the first to admit that this is a detail that can wrong very easily and very quickly.  But one piece can be terrific.  I think I can cajole the hubs in signing off on one piece…somewhere in the expanse of our estate.

While I thought I would just die ( in my Despicable Me voice) upon seeing the tufted mirrored headboard, once my heart started beating again, I think I can bypass that and only look at the photo occasionally. The chair may be just the piece for us. It could go into the closet, where it could glisten in the morning sunlight as I sit and apply my makeup.  John wouldn’t really have an opportunity to protest its existence and I might just be able to finagle one more objets de bling into our abode.

I definitively don’t want an overpowering piece and despite how much I love each and every piece here, I can man up and move on.


***UPDATE*** How I love it when great minds think alike! As I trolled through some of the more interesting blogs out there I came across this wonderful post from Censational Girl   That Last Corner of the Living Room  I love what she did in the refurb and Congrats on finding that perfect piece for the room.

Mirrored Furniture – Furniture – Home – Neiman Marcus.

Mix and Match It

In Design Options, Living Room, real estate, Spaces on April 18, 2012 at 3:02 PM

color play

So here we find ourselves again with a cacophony of patterns.  These really do work together well but I fear they are still a bit too much of a shock to the system.

As with most of the images I seem to gravitate toward there are about a hundred elements that I crave from this room.  Due to space confines of the new first floor living area, I love the idea of adding in a couple of ottomans perhaps in lieu of a pair of matching armchairs.

Unfortunately or maybe not, I have secured to GORGEOUS armchairs that will become an upholstery project in the near future. Perhaps they could work in the Master bedroom, since we’ve decided all of our furniture for the most part will be in the spiffy new closet giving us the sense of space we’ve longed for in the boudoir…

The couch is another great piece, it’s a little less dramatic than a previous highlight which will probably sit a little better with the hubs. The armchairs work well here with the ottomans… hmmmm could both be in my future??

I also had not given thought to an area rug in the main living area, but I do declare that THAT idea has made it into the final round.  we are having the original floors refinished and darkened just a bit and the cabinets in the kitchen will be an espresso, in color ( see we have made some decisions 🙂 so an area rug could be a great space refiner without crowding AND add a pop of color. Yay!!!! I like!

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.

Join us for Dinner

In Design Options, Dining Rooms, real estate, Spaces on April 18, 2012 at 2:30 PM

So I am quickly coming to the realization that a well put together room will more than likely elicit a Like from me, even if it’s completely what I don’t want.

I love the above image but it’s so not right for Casa J.  Part of our issue right now is that we have a wonderful formal dining that we use as a glorified mail room.  I am so over having spaces than people can only look at but are considered “off-limits.”

We are adding a very large new island in the kitchen which will have a breakfast bar and stools.  We envision this being the main noshing area as we can sit and chat while someone is cooking or mixing libations or actually eat a full meal.

I still want to have a table and chairs available for more formal meals and holidays.  But we didn’t feel we needed to have a dining “room” to make this happen.

The room above has a lot of great elements but I can’t envision using the armchairs at the dining table.  Height would seem to be an issue, either of the table height of the seat height. But I love the idea of using a bright fabric to add a pop of color in the space. The side chairs pictured are nearly identical to our current chairs so this gives me some idea of mixing some palettes and fabrics.

The color, windows and chandeliers are sure-fire winners, not so much with the Asian pieces darted throughout.  That’s only for my home personally, I actually think it works generically…if that makes sense.

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.

Do You See What I See?

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By now I am quite certain everyone reading this firmly believes that I am all over the map without a clue as to what direction I am headed with this renovation.

THAT my friends could not be further from the truth.  I do know where I am going, but I choose to make as leisurely a stroll as possible.  Once I arrive I really want to be able to luxuriate there for a long while in blissful happiness.

I have spent this whole day in my daydreaming ( sort of ) mode and not doing anything that relates to architecture, structural design, building codes or money. This is just whimsical fun, but there really is a method to my madness.

I have a love for shiny things.  A little blinging just makes it better.  But bling is a fine line for the hubs, who I am sure could live the remainder of his life without a single sequin, rhinestone or bauble and be just fine.

Mirrors fall under the category of shiny for me and though yes the above image is a bit more than even I could fathom, the idea of a mirrored furniture piece intrigues me greatly.

The above bathroom inspires a lot of thoughts in me.  This pale shade of blue keeps cropping up in my hoard of images.   I guess I just need to decide what space I really want to use it.  In my mind shades of grey are prominent ( for varying reasons, yes I read the ENTIRE trilogy…)  I do love how grey works with this shade of blue….hmmmm

We may have arrived a meeting of the minds in that rather than using actual mirrored pieces, we are opting for a glass tile that has a glimmer and shimmer to them so maybe that will be enough to suffice.

The tray ceiling is neat as well. I can only guess what that would do to my budget… it actually makes me laugh!

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.

Space for our Duds

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One of the neat gee whiz things that we are looking forward to in this renovation is the master closet.  We are planning to use the smallest of our current existing bedrooms as the walk in closet and entry into our Master Boudoir.

So given that we will now have a space that was more than adequate for a person to live in, as our CLOSET….we are pretty excited.  my husband is more than a little enthused about this piece of the puzzle.  We have had a number of conversations that started with the builder… Let’s just say that we were underwhelmed with what they were planning to do in the space…glorified camp cubbys.

With the BUDGET ever looming we went to IKEA and put together a few really nice options.  To the tune of $2000…. ( womp, womp, womp…)

SO in still trying to work with those numbers I have been looking at different types of options especially what pieces will work best and am I just pouring money into a “closet system”

My needs include weird stuff. Lots of dresses both long and short that need dedicated space.  TONS of jewelry that I don’t want cluttering my bedroom.

SHOES. no further explanation needed.

Handbags and belts and hats that never really seem to have an appropriate home.  And I also want a vanity for makeup application and storage of makeup and nail polish and brushes and perfume and even dumb stuff like headbands.

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.