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Through the Looking Glass

In Design Options, Materials, real estate, Spaces on April 19, 2012 at 12:48 PM

Yes we are back at mirrors… But this time not in the manner of mirrored furniture.  These are actually MIRROR mirrors 🙂

If you can believe it, I really am in a less is more frame of mind.  Yes, my less is very ornate  but I really just want a splash of it here and there.  I don’t want a lot of chotskies all over the place that have to be dusted and risk being broken when we ballroom dance around the living room….

I love the scale of a large piece and they say a mirror has a wonderful way of making a space feel larger.  All of these options are very cool and who would love to catch a glimpse of themselves….or someone else in one of these? Leaning a mirror against a wall makes it more than just a mirror. It’s a work of art and a piece of furniture (at this scale.) Genius!

The bedroom is a logical option for this or perhaps our closet ( I have to get used to the closet being a totally separate entity.) but it might also work on the first floor as well, but could take up a lot of wall space that has all of a sudden become a premium item. hmmmm?

Dream Home.


Do You See What I See?

In Bathroom, Design Options, real estate, Spaces on April 18, 2012 at 2:22 PM

By now I am quite certain everyone reading this firmly believes that I am all over the map without a clue as to what direction I am headed with this renovation.

THAT my friends could not be further from the truth.  I do know where I am going, but I choose to make as leisurely a stroll as possible.  Once I arrive I really want to be able to luxuriate there for a long while in blissful happiness.

I have spent this whole day in my daydreaming ( sort of ) mode and not doing anything that relates to architecture, structural design, building codes or money. This is just whimsical fun, but there really is a method to my madness.

I have a love for shiny things.  A little blinging just makes it better.  But bling is a fine line for the hubs, who I am sure could live the remainder of his life without a single sequin, rhinestone or bauble and be just fine.

Mirrors fall under the category of shiny for me and though yes the above image is a bit more than even I could fathom, the idea of a mirrored furniture piece intrigues me greatly.

The above bathroom inspires a lot of thoughts in me.  This pale shade of blue keeps cropping up in my hoard of images.   I guess I just need to decide what space I really want to use it.  In my mind shades of grey are prominent ( for varying reasons, yes I read the ENTIRE trilogy…)  I do love how grey works with this shade of blue….hmmmm

We may have arrived a meeting of the minds in that rather than using actual mirrored pieces, we are opting for a glass tile that has a glimmer and shimmer to them so maybe that will be enough to suffice.

The tray ceiling is neat as well. I can only guess what that would do to my budget… it actually makes me laugh!

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.