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Space for our Duds

In Closets/Pantrys, Design Options, real estate on April 18, 2012 at 12:54 PM


One of the neat gee whiz things that we are looking forward to in this renovation is the master closet.  We are planning to use the smallest of our current existing bedrooms as the walk in closet and entry into our Master Boudoir.

So given that we will now have a space that was more than adequate for a person to live in, as our CLOSET….we are pretty excited.  my husband is more than a little enthused about this piece of the puzzle.  We have had a number of conversations that started with the builder… Let’s just say that we were underwhelmed with what they were planning to do in the space…glorified camp cubbys.

With the BUDGET ever looming we went to IKEA and put together a few really nice options.  To the tune of $2000…. ( womp, womp, womp…)

SO in still trying to work with those numbers I have been looking at different types of options especially what pieces will work best and am I just pouring money into a “closet system”

My needs include weird stuff. Lots of dresses both long and short that need dedicated space.  TONS of jewelry that I don’t want cluttering my bedroom.

SHOES. no further explanation needed.

Handbags and belts and hats that never really seem to have an appropriate home.  And I also want a vanity for makeup application and storage of makeup and nail polish and brushes and perfume and even dumb stuff like headbands.

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.