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So Pretty… Brings Tears To My Eyes!

In Bedroom, Design Options, Fantastic Listings, Kitchens, Living Room, real estate on April 18, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Yes, I am in love. Madly, passionately head over heels with lustful infatuation…. This property literally makes me just weep!  Now I know it’s not for everybody but luckily I don’t have a desire to live with everybody and since it’s located in London, I will have no problem convincing my hubs to run away with me.

Now I will give you, that there is way too much white for my personal tastes, but if I could wave my color wand here and there, i don’t think I would change anything else.  I love the style and the furnishings.

I have requested a fireplace in our new Master bedroom, however based on the current price tag, I may have to enlarge a photo and stick it on the wall…. Believe it or not, I have a bead on a headboard being made for us.  Shape wise it is similar to the above,  now the decision is will it be tufted or just over the top like this one. Don’t know yet.  My mother would give her left elbow for this set up.  I do get it from her and I am quite sure that I JUST SAID I was trying to shy away from some of here influences…but this is just heaven (to me!)

I am equally as sure that all of the light in this space is grabbing at my heart as much as the style that it exudes. I cold sleep upright in these chairs….

Despite it being all white; this is exactly what I was referring to when I spoke earlier of being styled yet comfortable.  I could definitely see having friends over and kicking back in this space for a glass of wine or a game of Scrabble 🙂

All in all I love it.  It gives me hope that this entire project will ultimately end up as something I will be able to swoon over just as much. (Even if we don’t get to move to London…)


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