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Build My Closet Around….This.

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So I am easing my way back into reality today and looking at the multitude of items that still need resolution.  One of them is this. Take a look at the project that is most definitely an obsession.  Its been called a lot of different things including the Lazy Shoe-Zan among others.  In a nutshell its a brilliant idea for holding shoes.  It is a self-contained unit with a lazy susan like device that has cubbies for individual pair of shoes.

I am not the girl that keeps all of the shoe boxes my shoes come in, mostly because of space.  Many times I don’t even get a box when I nab a fantastic deal at Nordstrom Rack. I have tried a number of solutions which all seem to work for a few weeks.  All it takes is a frantic Sunday morning when I need to find a specific pair of shoes and only one is cooperating so I tear apart the entire closet and its destined to remain as such for the next month.

So literally when I ran across this picture it became my mission to locate and purchase said item. Easier said than done.  It’s not manufactured for sale by a company and though there are a few individuals out there with like items, securing this bad boy has become more than a notion.

I have located a step by step tutorial done by a handy-dandy Home depot employee which has been helpful. There is also a carpenter in Utah that is selling the plans for the item, but wont ship it outside of the state.  So I have taken all the information I have been able to compile and headed over Angie’s List to locate a good woodworker.  Great idea.  The first quote I received back was in the arena of $1200. BOOOOOOO!!!!

I have thought about perhaps having it done in a resin like material or MDF that might be less expensive, but have not yet been able to find a fabricator as of yet.  So the journey continues an I hope someone reading this can offer a suggestion. I am determined to get this into my closet!! I am actually even willing to find someone who can cut all the pieces so that the hubs and I can put it together on site.

At this point all I have is a cute little 32″ x 32″ box on the master designs awaiting its arrival 😦

Dream Home.


Space for our Duds

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One of the neat gee whiz things that we are looking forward to in this renovation is the master closet.  We are planning to use the smallest of our current existing bedrooms as the walk in closet and entry into our Master Boudoir.

So given that we will now have a space that was more than adequate for a person to live in, as our CLOSET….we are pretty excited.  my husband is more than a little enthused about this piece of the puzzle.  We have had a number of conversations that started with the builder… Let’s just say that we were underwhelmed with what they were planning to do in the space…glorified camp cubbys.

With the BUDGET ever looming we went to IKEA and put together a few really nice options.  To the tune of $2000…. ( womp, womp, womp…)

SO in still trying to work with those numbers I have been looking at different types of options especially what pieces will work best and am I just pouring money into a “closet system”

My needs include weird stuff. Lots of dresses both long and short that need dedicated space.  TONS of jewelry that I don’t want cluttering my bedroom.

SHOES. no further explanation needed.

Handbags and belts and hats that never really seem to have an appropriate home.  And I also want a vanity for makeup application and storage of makeup and nail polish and brushes and perfume and even dumb stuff like headbands.

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.

Using My Head

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eclectic kitchen by Charmean Neithart Interiors, Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.

I have always been a person able to make a decision and to make a fairly quick decision, even in difficult matters. I think the agony of being in limbo is much worse to me than the reality of an ill-fated decision. At least with a poor decision I can be in action toward the next steps.
But with this renovation, I am REALLY trying my best to mull over and ponder all of our structural and design changes. I’m fine to do this in solitude surrounded by pictures and swatches and samples. I’m fine to do this online for hours pouring through hundreds of images. I can then really bring back some gee whiz ideas and options. ( I’ve been getting raves on my choices thus far.)
Not only do I want the space to be beautiful but I desperately want the space to be functional. It was a real wake up call to realize how much space we have that we don’t use properly…for OUR needs.
So whenever I come across great ideas that I think will actually work for us I get a little excited. Alas, the pantry space above does not work for us but I love it none the less. And equally as much I loved the tips for creating a neat and spiffy pantry from the folks over at Houzz

Step 1: Take every last thing out of the cupboard. Really — everything.Step 2: Toss anything that is expired or bad.

Step 3: Fill a bag with food that is still good but that you know your family won’t eat, and donate it to your local food bank.

Step 4: No one needs three half-empty bags of flour. Open them up and dump them into one nice-looking glass jar. Ta-da! Now repeat with any other partially empty staples.

Step 5: Put everything that’s left back in, but this time create zones. Put cans with cans, breakfast stuff together and so on. Place the healthiest choices at eye level.

Style note: Can a pretty wallpapered backdrop inspire you to keep things tidy? Who knows, but it sure would be fun to give it a try. Alternatively, you could paint the back wall a bright hue for a similar effect.