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CHANGE Order….

In Basement, Spaces on April 2, 2013 at 10:18 AM

These are two words that represent sacrilege to me.

Thou shalt not issue a myriad of change orders on this job, so help me Lord!

Yes we are only a few weeks into the actual, renovation and for the most part things are going smoothly as we have a phenomenal GC. She really stays on top of the project and is able to look forward in case of a back up to keep the job moving.  Now I want to give her as much credit as possible, but I can’t help to believe that she’s working this hard because I have eagle eyes and ask 50,000 questions a day.

Thus far we have had to make a slight adjustment to the kitchen cabinets in order to reduce the size of the wine cooler we wanted, that cost me about $100 plus I lost my soft close feature.  My gut says we will be looking at this again before the order is placed.  We have added steps onto the deck ( yes, this seems like a no brainer but whatever…. things happen.) Yesterday we found out because code states that there can be nothing within three feet of a breaker box, my washer and dryer can not sit side by side in my new laundry room.

Now, under different circumstances, I am sure this would have sent me to the moon, I mean isn’t knowing code a major part of the primary job functions of the contractor and when all these people are traipsing through my home measuring and conferring wouldn’t that have come up as the breaker box has always been there to welcome them when they came to visit and inquire about its ability to handle the drain of the gee whiz new appliances and such that we wanted to install……  DID NO ONE THINK ABOUT THIS WHEN MEASURING OUT THE ROOM???????

(writer take breath…)

But I didn’t go crazy because in actuality, it served my purpose perfectly.  You see when they moved out my washer and dry and demo’d the little bar area, I  inquired if the washer and dryer could go into the new little nook.  To which the answer was a resounding No because of the moving of the water lines, venting the dryer and yada yada yada….  Guess where my washer and dryer are now going????


Ding ding ding Correct!!!! Into the little nook created by the newly removed bar. All those reasons why it couldn’t be done before…. Pish Posh they’re simple fixes.  We even have options!!  So I  am having bi fold doors added to enclose them and the niche you see in the wall will have some shelving to hold fabric softener and detergent.  I’m a little psyched.  Because I also not get a new storage area.  I am contemplating what to use it for and thinking of shelving it in as a pantry.  Even though it’s not upstairs, its only a few steps down from the kitchen and a great place to store juice which we have to buy by the case and large non perishables like paper towels and toilet paper.

So all in all this, I think it works out well and we haven’t added to the budget because “whomever” didn’t measure… Whew……



Using My Head

In Closets/Pantrys, Design Options, Spaces on April 17, 2012 at 10:50 AM

eclectic kitchen by Charmean Neithart Interiors, Charmean Neithart Interiors, LLC.

I have always been a person able to make a decision and to make a fairly quick decision, even in difficult matters. I think the agony of being in limbo is much worse to me than the reality of an ill-fated decision. At least with a poor decision I can be in action toward the next steps.
But with this renovation, I am REALLY trying my best to mull over and ponder all of our structural and design changes. I’m fine to do this in solitude surrounded by pictures and swatches and samples. I’m fine to do this online for hours pouring through hundreds of images. I can then really bring back some gee whiz ideas and options. ( I’ve been getting raves on my choices thus far.)
Not only do I want the space to be beautiful but I desperately want the space to be functional. It was a real wake up call to realize how much space we have that we don’t use properly…for OUR needs.
So whenever I come across great ideas that I think will actually work for us I get a little excited. Alas, the pantry space above does not work for us but I love it none the less. And equally as much I loved the tips for creating a neat and spiffy pantry from the folks over at Houzz

Step 1: Take every last thing out of the cupboard. Really — everything.Step 2: Toss anything that is expired or bad.

Step 3: Fill a bag with food that is still good but that you know your family won’t eat, and donate it to your local food bank.

Step 4: No one needs three half-empty bags of flour. Open them up and dump them into one nice-looking glass jar. Ta-da! Now repeat with any other partially empty staples.

Step 5: Put everything that’s left back in, but this time create zones. Put cans with cans, breakfast stuff together and so on. Place the healthiest choices at eye level.

Style note: Can a pretty wallpapered backdrop inspire you to keep things tidy? Who knows, but it sure would be fun to give it a try. Alternatively, you could paint the back wall a bright hue for a similar effect.