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Mesh and Meld

In Design Options, Materials on April 23, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Filling out the list of items that have to be “rehabbed” during this renovation are a few pieces of furniture.  Most of our furniture is on its way out.  I have been phenomenal, if I do say so myself, at getting rid of just about everything that isn’t nailed down.  I am left with just a few sentimental pieces.

The frame from an earlier post and the following items of furniture.

This piece I have had for years always with the intention of having it upholstered but never getting around to it.  Not sure if it is classified as an ottoman, footstool or hassock though after reading this post I believe hassock is the appropriate term. It needs a little life breather back into it and hopefully will look like this once completed.

Not sure how light I am going to go or whether I will paint the wood but will definitely add a substantial amount of “fluff”  to the cushion.

There’s also this set of armchairs that actually make me swoon…still. I love these chairs and can’t wait until I can locate the perfect fabric to recover them.

These pieces will ultimately work in concert with one another. I think the hassock will serve in place of a side table in between this set of chairs to save some space. I believe I will recover them in like fabrics so they will really go together similar to this:

The idea of white wood and a solid fabric thought, makes me want to cry…So we’ll have to come up with a better color combination than that…

And lastly, there is the chair that will grace the vanity in our closet.  I don’t think I am going to touch this one as the color is neutral and its in great condition.

Lots to do, I guess the hunt for fabric is next on my list of  “items to obsess about”…


Stool Pigeons…

In Design Options, Kitchens, Materials, real estate, Spaces on April 20, 2012 at 2:47 PM

I have a picture in my mind of the bar stools that I want to use for the island. That of course means that I can’t find that exact bar stool in any retail outlet on the face of the Earth!

The stool that I want is similar to this one:

I love the curve of the seat and I love the metal studs. I don’t really love the legs, though I could be persuaded to live with them.  Perhaps its the perspective of the picture but this looks really short.  Now if there were an option for metal legs, I think we’d have a winner. I need some more contrast in the piece.

After a somewhat exhaustive search, I slowly warmed to possibly considering this stool:

I do like that they are light and sleek and not overpowering to the space. I still need to think about the footrest.  For some reason, in my head, I see them dislodging and having to be repaired repeatedly after a few of our  “social gatherings”

It is available in a number of colors and I could see this white option working with my ideal color palette magnificently.  I just have to wrap my mind around white stools.  I’ve never given that any consideration.

I should really just go ahead and commit because that would give me the leeway to think more seriously about pendent lighting.  The lights above are WONDERFUL (she sang…)

Adjustable Kitchen Barstools Bring Curvy Lines to Modern Spaces.

Join us for Dinner

In Design Options, Dining Rooms, real estate, Spaces on April 18, 2012 at 2:30 PM

So I am quickly coming to the realization that a well put together room will more than likely elicit a Like from me, even if it’s completely what I don’t want.

I love the above image but it’s so not right for Casa J.  Part of our issue right now is that we have a wonderful formal dining that we use as a glorified mail room.  I am so over having spaces than people can only look at but are considered “off-limits.”

We are adding a very large new island in the kitchen which will have a breakfast bar and stools.  We envision this being the main noshing area as we can sit and chat while someone is cooking or mixing libations or actually eat a full meal.

I still want to have a table and chairs available for more formal meals and holidays.  But we didn’t feel we needed to have a dining “room” to make this happen.

The room above has a lot of great elements but I can’t envision using the armchairs at the dining table.  Height would seem to be an issue, either of the table height of the seat height. But I love the idea of using a bright fabric to add a pop of color in the space. The side chairs pictured are nearly identical to our current chairs so this gives me some idea of mixing some palettes and fabrics.

The color, windows and chandeliers are sure-fire winners, not so much with the Asian pieces darted throughout.  That’s only for my home personally, I actually think it works generically…if that makes sense.

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.