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Mix and Match It

In Design Options, Living Room, real estate, Spaces on April 18, 2012 at 3:02 PM

color play

So here we find ourselves again with a cacophony of patterns.  These really do work together well but I fear they are still a bit too much of a shock to the system.

As with most of the images I seem to gravitate toward there are about a hundred elements that I crave from this room.  Due to space confines of the new first floor living area, I love the idea of adding in a couple of ottomans perhaps in lieu of a pair of matching armchairs.

Unfortunately or maybe not, I have secured to GORGEOUS armchairs that will become an upholstery project in the near future. Perhaps they could work in the Master bedroom, since we’ve decided all of our furniture for the most part will be in the spiffy new closet giving us the sense of space we’ve longed for in the boudoir…

The couch is another great piece, it’s a little less dramatic than a previous highlight which will probably sit a little better with the hubs. The armchairs work well here with the ottomans… hmmmm could both be in my future??

I also had not given thought to an area rug in the main living area, but I do declare that THAT idea has made it into the final round.  we are having the original floors refinished and darkened just a bit and the cabinets in the kitchen will be an espresso, in color ( see we have made some decisions 🙂 so an area rug could be a great space refiner without crowding AND add a pop of color. Yay!!!! I like!

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.