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You Always Need a Little Bling

In Basement, Spaces on April 9, 2013 at 10:53 AM

Things are moving along swimmingly actually.  I have held off putting up the newest pictures because I am so excited at the work that in my mind I’m thinking “Just let them get a little further…

The lower level is looking a lot less like a construction site and much more like the family room we have been wanting for a decade.  The new wood floors are down and they came out beautifully.  If you recall we nabbed this flooring at $0.39 per square foot. So for around $100 we scored a fantastic floor.  The contractor leveled the floor and the flooring went down with ease.  Yesterday they added the baseboard and I literally swooned! So pretty.

The laundry area is complete, though the bi-fold doors still need to go one, but my wonderful top loading washer and dryer are hooked up and operational with a new venting system that goes out through the rear underside of the house, rather than out of the former laundry window (that’s an ugly picture, but it wasn’t as crazy as the visual I am sure you have). I am really relishing in the ability to choose finishes and I have yet to choose the knobs for the doors just yet.

What would have been our laundry room is now the “breaker room” and will be a storage pantry.  That has been framed dry-walled and has a door.  Neat little space for storage. As well the bathroom is completely framed and dry-walled.  Today the tile goes down on the walls and floor which sent me out yesterday on a hunt for paint.

So…. The tile we are using which is completely The Bizness!!!


Sent me on  a hunt for paint color for this little powder room.  Everywhere we went with this tile, it became the subject of intense conversation. But I wanted to focus on PAINT.  So my vision was a metallic silver shade to compliment the accent on the tile.  However I really didn’t want a big multi step, multi brush process that takes several days.  Boooooo!

Our first stop was Home Depot and we encountered Martha Stewart  Precious Metals.  I was pretty impressed.  Lots of really nice metallic colors and the process seemed pretty simple for the basic effect that I wanted.  “Faux” was a word that I wanted no parts of!!  The paint is ready to go in small containers or can be mixed in the gallon size with a Precious Metals base making it a one step process.  Sounded great.

                   Marthametal     marthapaints     marthapaint

Next, we took a ride over to Sherwin Williams, as Direct Buy members we wanted to see if we could take advantage of this little membership perk.  They offer Metallic Impressions which have three different textures and a number of different colors.  Now it could have been the location we were at but it was really difficult to see the swatches, they are housed inside of a fixture in a small unlit compartment. So without taking each one out it’s just hard to see anything.  It’s really a shame because they have very large samples ( not those little snippets which are a pain to me…)

                                                             sherwinmetals       sherwinmetal

I did find a color and an effect that I liked and headed over for a little assistance.  I was given the brochure and there was that word… FAUX!  As I flipped through the brochure I can across two interesting pages, one that outlined the materials I would need for the process and one for the amount of time the process would take.

                                                             sherwininstruct      sherwinmater

More than 14 items need to complete the process and two days worth of work.  I won’t even get into the cost !!!!  Even with our discount it was considerably more than $150 to complete a 4×6 room that is 50% tile……  Now I don’t know if that was just the cost at the location I visited or nationwide, I just know what I was personally quoted.  Needless to say, we kept looking and headed over to Lowe’s….

I ran across Valspar Brilliant Metals and It fell pretty much in the middle of the two.  Only a dollar less per gallon than the Martha Stewart but it required a special roller, a semi gloss base coat and a metallic topcoat. So it was an additional step that has some extra cost. And I was very underwhelmed at the color selection.


So I have opted for the Martha Stewart.  I will definitely update you on the progress once I start as soon as the tilers are finished.  We also got to knock out paint for the other lower level spaces.  SO I’m pretty stoked!


Purple Piece de Resistance…

In Design Options, real estate, Spaces on April 19, 2012 at 1:41 PM
Vector version of Image:Color icon purple.png

Vector version of Image:Color icon purple.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So hold on to your seats.  Here is a little something that makes me scratch my head.  It’s Purple.  A favorite color of many but there is just something about it… I mean a little purple here or there is cool, but it is SOOOOOOO easy to go too far.

I would like to incorporate this color in one of our spaces but before I can competently broach the subject to the hubs I needed to really have some ammunition.  Most of what I found when I did my cursory Google search on “purple furniture” was horrific.  Just because it’s purple doesn’t mean it has to be futuristic and gaudy does it?

There will be a predominant palette of greys in the home upon its completion. Purple is such a great accent color and will just reek of sophistication when splashed around. One piece we have been on the hunt for is a chaise lounge for the master bedroom, how great would it be to laze around sipping coffee and reading the paper on our His and Hers Ipads…


My other problem with purple is matching it.  I’ve never been the matchy-matchy type but even getting two unrelated pieces of furniture(that you have not upholstered yourself) to even be in the same family as it pertains to undertones and the like is a nightmare. I like a grapey purple with plenty of blue in it.  I don think one piece will be enough, but finding that one piece….well, the search is on…

ThII wolVicky Johnson (divinelogistics) on Pinterest.

Mix and Match It

In Design Options, Living Room, real estate, Spaces on April 18, 2012 at 3:02 PM

color play

So here we find ourselves again with a cacophony of patterns.  These really do work together well but I fear they are still a bit too much of a shock to the system.

As with most of the images I seem to gravitate toward there are about a hundred elements that I crave from this room.  Due to space confines of the new first floor living area, I love the idea of adding in a couple of ottomans perhaps in lieu of a pair of matching armchairs.

Unfortunately or maybe not, I have secured to GORGEOUS armchairs that will become an upholstery project in the near future. Perhaps they could work in the Master bedroom, since we’ve decided all of our furniture for the most part will be in the spiffy new closet giving us the sense of space we’ve longed for in the boudoir…

The couch is another great piece, it’s a little less dramatic than a previous highlight which will probably sit a little better with the hubs. The armchairs work well here with the ottomans… hmmmm could both be in my future??

I also had not given thought to an area rug in the main living area, but I do declare that THAT idea has made it into the final round.  we are having the original floors refinished and darkened just a bit and the cabinets in the kitchen will be an espresso, in color ( see we have made some decisions 🙂 so an area rug could be a great space refiner without crowding AND add a pop of color. Yay!!!! I like!

Vicky Johnson / Pinterest.